RSU 78 Board of Directors

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Name Represents Term Expires Phone
Jennifer Farmer Rangeley 2018 207-831-0546   
Clare Webber Sandy River Plt.  2018  207-864-3342 
Amber Haley Rangeley Plt. 2019 207-864-5560
Paul Reynolds  Rangeley Plt. 2017 207-864-7349
Nancy Hilliard– Chair Sandy River Plt. 2019 207-864-5384
Colleen Dutile-Koob-V Chair Rangeley             2020 207-864-2758
Martha VanderWalk Magalloway 2019 207-486-9308
Eric Burgess Dallas Plt. 2020 207-491-4882 
Joanne Chapman Rangeley 2018 207-864-3765
Kathleen Catrini Dallas Plt. 2020 207-864-5562
Beth Eastlack Rangeley 2019 207-864-3911
Richard Walker Rangeley 2019 207-864-2972

RSU 78 School Board Goals 2016-17

1. The board will adopt policies that:

• Define how it will function
• Define the linkage between the board and the superintendent
• Limit the scope of authority of the superintendent
• Determine the RSU 78 ENDS “What are we here for?”

2. The RSU 78 School Board will adopt a “Dashboard” which will be used to inform the board and drive its decisions in key areas.

3. The RSU 78 School Board will define the administrative structure of the district.

4. The RSU 78 School Board as a whole will participate in additional professional development in areas it deems most important to effective governance.

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