Welcome to Rangeley Lakes Regional School

Respect • Leadership • Responsibility • Service

Supply List 2017-18

William H. Richards Ed. D., Superintendent/Principal 

         Georgia Campbell, Assistant Principal (K-5)/Title I 

Heidi Deery, Assistant Principal (6-12)/Guidance/Athletic Director

Welcome to the RSU 78 and Rangeley Lakes Regional School web page. Our school is located in the picturesque mountains and lake region of western Maine. RSU 78 includes the towns of Dallas Plantation, Magalloway Plantation, Rangeley, Rangeley Plantation and Sandy River Plantation. Rangeley Lakes Regional School is home to students in grades kindergarten through Grade 12, all under one roof. Our unique facility provides for a close-knit, nurturing and supportive environment for students to grow, learn and develop to their fullest potential.

Our school

  • Has high expectations for all.
  • Believes fair is not always equal.
  • Demonstrates consistent communication with everyone.
  • Is a place where diversity is not only valued, it is vital to success.

Our staff

  • Believes each student deserves a student-oriented staff.
  • Nurtures the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth of all students.

Our curriculum

  • Consists of clear learning targets and timely feedback that will result in proficiency and academic advancement for all students.
  • Is aligned to rigorous standards and provides multiple ways for students to demonstrate proficiency.

Our students

  • Are self-directed learners and accountable for their own learning outcomes.
  • Learn in different ways, in different settings, and at different rates, for different futures.
  • Are prepared for life as responsible citizens of the world.
  • Work collaboratively with peers and adults.
  • Learn best in a safe environment characterized by respect, leadership, responsibility, and service.

Our community

  • Is informed, engaged, and recognizes that learning is a shared responsibility between students, teachers, parents, administration, and school board and community.
  • Recognizes mistakes are inherent in the learning process.
  • Embraces our district’s vision.

Our Mission

To inspire all learners to strive for success in a world yet to be fully imagined.

Our Vision

RSU 78 envisions a broad range of choices for learning that inspires student and
staff involvement in all aspects of academic life in a safe, fair, authentic,
and personalized learning environment supported by our community.

Superintendent’s Message

Welcome to RSU 78.  Our district is committed to the support of all students’ in the discovery and development of their particular interests, skills and talents. Students will have an expectation of meeting our district’s standards. We strive to engage all staff in the effort to encourage students to take responsibility for their learning outcomes and success. As a school system, we strive to treat each student individually and create programs for them that are appropriate for a 21st century school system.

Rangeley Lakes Regional School is a place where personalization happens naturally!